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Our Services


Vendor Inspection and Expediting
SEPC offers fully comprehensive vendor inspection and expediting services.
Our accredited inspection personnel manage quality activities relating to equipment, materials and commodities. Our expediting service helps ensure that vendors' obligations meet Purchase Order requirements and contractual delivery terms.
Vendor Inspection Services
Our inspectors work with vendors to fulfill a variety of requirements, including:

  • Review of welding procedure specifications and welding operators qualifications, to ensure client and "Code" compliance
  • Inspection of sub-assemblies and finished items for appearance, workmanship, dimensions, surface conditions, and operability
  • Witnessing of any and all required tests to ensure strict compliance to approved drawings, procedures, and specification
  • Final inspections prior to dispatch which may include cleaning, coating, packing and marking of equipment, review of vendor final documentation dossier

Vendor Expediting Services
Correct implementation of vendor expediting is essential for construction planning as timely delivery of equipment and materials reduces potential penalties in not meeting construction completion dates. Our expeditors conduct physical verification of the vendor's progress against identified milestones. Services offered include:

  • Approval of engineering documentation
  • Receipt of sub-ordered material
  • Fabrication schedules
  • Inspection intervention
  • Final confirmation of delivery date
  • Outstanding action points have been taken and completed