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Our Services

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

We have extensive experience in conducting non-destructive testing.

Non-destructive testing is offered while assessing the quality and integrity of fixed technical installations, such as pipelines, storage tanks, as well as newly constructed plants.  Non-destructive testing is gaining greater recognition with operators of plants and critical components.  SEPC offers non-destructive testing (NDT) services that maximize efficiencies by using techniques that do not disrupt operations or delay processes.
Engineering Service
We provide Design,  Detailed Engineering and Technical Manpower Outsourcing Services to many corporate clients in the industry from various sectors like Refinery, Oil & Gas, chemical, Petrochemical, Cement, Steel, Nuclear, power, Fertilizers, storage tank farm, offshore & Onshore,  refractory, engineering sector, utility, process plant and all related industries. Today SEPC has grown and become one of the frontline Engineering firms for various well-known Clients.
Piping And Instrumentation Drawings
We are known for our high quality, cost effectiveness and time bound electrical engineering services. We have team of  engineers,  drafting detailing experts who deliver world class value within project deadline. Layout of electrical systems of industrial and chemical process plants including:

  • Finalization of load list.
  • Single line diagrams.
  • Industrial wiring diagrams.
  • Electrical layouts for :
  • Power & lighting.
  • Earthling and lightening protection.
  • Schematic diagrams.
  • Control panel diagrams.
  • Utility buildings wiring diagrams.
  • Bulk material take off.

Civil Drawings

Our experienced cad drafters will transform the ideas, rough sketches, specifications and instructions from civil engineers into detailed working drawings.

  • Reinforced cement concrete (rcc)
  • Plot layouts
  • Plant layouts roads,
  • Bridges and culverts.
  • Pump and equipment foundations.
  • Tank pads.

Mechanical Drawings Services
We specialize in providing dimensionally-accurate mechanical design drawings as per clients guidelines and in format of client choice. We offer complete set of auto CAD drawings for conceptual layout, product design, component design, machine assembly design, rapid prototypes and reverse engineering projects.

Every manufacturing process requires mechanical graphic drawings, which describe its physical characteristics completely and accurately. They communicate the engineer's ideas to the worker, and ultimately, make a product.

We can provide comprehensive drawing support for:

  • Mechanical component design drawings
  • Mechanical parts design drawings
  • Machine design layouts
  • Product design schematics
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Reverse engineering & modelling
  • Machine tool & mold design drawings.
  • We are successfully executed the project mechanical equipment drawings for exchangers, pressure vessels, gear box, winches, pumps, compressors, turbines, plant equipments etc. With bill of material

Stress Analysis For Steel Structure Services
We are a leading firm engaged in rendering a vast assortment of Stress Analysis for Steel Structure Services. Over these years, we have worked on various designing and detail eStress Analysisngineering based projects that are enlisted as follows:

  • Off Shore Structures
  • Utility Buildings
  • Pipe Rack Structures
  • Lifting Arrangement Structures
  • Pump House factory Sheds
  • Oil Gantry Structures
  • Ware base Structures
  • Operating Platforms
  • Furnace & Heater Structures

Manpower Services
Apart from all our services we also offer our clients a wide array of Manpower Services. Company offer you experienced and talented staffs who can easily handle multitasks.
Manpower Supply
SEPC has already deputed skilled manpower to many corporate clients. We have on our records a resume bank of candidates from different fields, which we upgrade on regular intervals. From our databanks we can identify the quality and right candidate to suit your requirements.
Manpower Deputation Benefits

  • Immediate availability of skilled personnel
  • Skilled personnel available as per the need and requirement
  • Time saving
  • No permanent liability
  • Immediate replacement with suitable candidate
  • No statutory obligations (PF, Gratuity, Bonus, etc)
  • Deputation for short terms, long terms

Types Of Manpower

  • Engineers (Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil)
  • Manpower Supervisors
  • Manual Draftsman
  • AutoCAD Draftsman
  • Drawing Checkers
  • Engineering Designers
  • PDMS Engineers
  • PDS Engineers
  •  X-Steel Engineers


CAD Solutions
We also provide advanced product development solutions for manufacturing industry as well as develop product design and manufacturing software.        
CAD Conversion Services

  • Conversion from paper to AutoCAD by manual drafting.
  • Conversion from any format to AutoCAD.
  • Conversion from Raster to Vector.
  • Conversion to the scale Drawing by Redrafting.
  • Conversion as per Company’s Drafting Standards.
  • Conversion of Drawings from 2D to 3D.
  • Plotting and Scanning Services.

Automation Of Drawings

  • Parametric drawings.
  • Automatic Bill of Material Generation.
  • Automatic Detail and Assembly Drawing using AutoLisp.
  • Integrate Design data with Drawing
  • Development of Drafting Automation Software as per Company Standards.

Benefits Of CAD Conversion

  • Drawing can be edited / modified easily.
  • Easy transfer of data across world.
  • Transfer of data is much cheaper.
  • Searching of drawings is faster and simpler.
  • Drawings can be duplicated easily .
  • Drawings can be converted to any image formats for further use etc.
  • Drawings converted can be used for 3D & walk-thru for better presentation.
  • Digital drawings need very less storage area.
  • And many more..

Refractory Design & Drawings
Refractory design is a technical process that involves several aspect to produce a successful lining. Temperature, chemical attack, and mechanical stresses are only a few of the many criteria that are required to be addressed when designing an appropriate Refractory lining. Refractory Design and Refractory Drawings services include:

  • Preparation of QAP (Quality Assurance Plan)
  • Preparation of Application Procedure.
  • Detailed Engineering Drawings for Refractory Castable Lining.
  • Detailed Engineering Drawings for C. F. Modules / C. F. Blankets Lining.
  • Refractory Brick Lining Details with Brick Holding Fastener Details.
  • Detailed engineering for various types of Arches.
  • Detailed engineering for various types of Anchors layouts for Side Wall, Arch floor, Burners, Access door, Peep Holes, Stacks & Ducting etc

Structural Drafting Drawings And CAD Services
We work for various projects covering Designs and Preparation of Drawings for structural engineering projects requiring effective structural drafting to our clients for various Items listed as follows
•    Tanks (Storage Tank of different type viz. Floating Roof Tank, Fixed Roof Tank & Low Temperature Double Wall Tank.)
•    Technological Structure.
•    Ware House Structure.
•    Externally Supported Chimney Structure.
•    Pipe Racks Structure.
•    Ladders and Platforms.
•    Maintenance and Operating Platforms.
•    Stair and Cage Ladder Structure.
•    Offshore Structure.
•    Oil Gantry structure.
•    Utility buildings / Offset Buildings
•    Pump house / Factory Shed
•    Conveyors
•    Furnace / Filed heaters structure.
•    Lifting Structures / Derrick
•    Scaffoldings