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Our Services

Stress Analysis
We provide stress analysis for component, sub assembly and full vehicle level Linear and Nonlinear stress analysis, buckling load and stiffness prediction; NVH related analysis like Modal analysis, Frequency and Transient response analysis services using FEA.
Stress Analysis For Piping
Performing Stress Analysis of various Critical Systems such as :
  • Lines connected to Rotating Equipments like Pumps & Turbines, Column, Condensers, Air coolers, Re-boilers & Storage Tanks.
  • Static Equivalent Seismic & Wind analysis.
  • Safety Relief Valve Calculation.
  • Calculations of Slug Flow Forces.
  • Analysis of Titanium Lines connected to Heat Exchanger up to 42”.
  • Preparation of Critical Line List.
  • Preparation of Support Standards.
  • Preparation Spring Specifications.
  • Developing the Stress Design basis, complete Stress Analysis on CAESAR II.
  • Preliminary Stress analysis to give Rack & Structure loading to civil.
  • Supporting & Support detailing of all

Stress Analysis For Steel Structure
We have worked on various design and detail engineering based project as mentioned below:

  • Pipe Rack Structures
  • Off Shore Structures
  • Utility Buildings
  • Ware base Structures
  • Operating Platforms
  • Lifting Arrangement Structures
  • Pump House factory Sheds
  • Oil Gantry Structures