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Our Products

Plant Piping

  • We fabricate erect and test Process Plant Piping Loops in all types such as Corrosive, Toxic, Lethal, High Temperature, Cryogenic, Gas, Liquid Slurry and Materials such as Ferrous – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Non Ferrous – Aluminum, Inconel, Monel, Haste alloy, Incolloy, Titanium, Copper etc. Pumps, Valves, Motor and other rotary equipment is erected and assembled along with piping.
  • We give complete solutions from concept, design, engineering to supply, fabrication, installation, commissioning for complete Plant Utility Piping System such as Compressed Air, Water, Steam, Thermic Fluid, Oil, Gas, Vacuum.
  • Testing of Piping loops with Tracer Inks, Radiography, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonic examination, In-situ-Metallography, Hardness Testing, Thickness Checking etc can be given as added services. Hydrotesting of each loop, Pneumatic testing for Soap solution leak detection tests, Hammer tests etc are conducted.
  • Support Fabrication and erection of special supports is done.
  • Surface preparation like – Shot blasting, Buffing, Coating, Painting, Internal Cleaning,
  • Electropolising through associate agency.
  • Insulation of pipes as per specifications.
  • Drying & Cleaning.

Our Team of seasoned engineers and workers are capable of fabricating the most complicated structures and erecting pre-fabricated structures manufactured in our workshops. Factory Buildings, Power Plant Structures, Chemical Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Cement Plants, Wind Power Plants etc.
Our Engineers are well versed in requirements as per AWS D1.1 for the welding of structures.
Pressure Vessel
SEPC has a strong background in manufacture of High Pressure Vessels with Manufacturing history of Stainless Steel Shell 80 mm thick and Hemispherical Dished ends of 40 mm thickness. Size of equipment is up to 10 metre in diameter.
Vessels can be made as per ASME Section VIII Div. I & II, PED 5500, IS 2825, DIN etc.
Materials like aluminum, Super austenitic Stainless Steel, Incolloy, are executed with qualified welding procedures and state of the art NDT examination techniques.
SEPC can design the most Agitated Reactors with wide ranging speeds and viscosity indices. Reactors can be reverse engineered to fir new product lines as per Standard Codes of construction.
Use of Stuffing boxes, Dry or Wet, Single or Double Mechanical seal with or without thermosyphon, type of motor and gear box or geared motor can be designed as per client preferences.
Reaction Physics is well understood and helps us in designing Hydrogenators, Mixers, Stirrers, Gas – Liquid and Liquid – Liquid systems.
We use our experience in design of Limpet Jacketed, Dimple Jacketed or Plain Jacket shell Reactors.

Heat Exchanger
SEPC designs, manufactures, repairs and tests TEMA type Shell & tube Heat Exchangers, Double Pipe, Finned tube Heat Exchangers as per API 661 with fans and support structure.
Sulphur remelters with Dimple Jacket having Jacketed steam inside as well as outside the remelter casing. Such Remelters restrict the environmental hazard of particulate sulphur polluting the air and also ensures better control on sulphur granulation, better yields and less manpower utilization.

Distillation column is designed for Mechanical Integrity, wind and seismic loads, nozzle loading data and soil surveys and foundation ring design to ensure long life along with precise horizontal alignment for tray separators. Our columns withstand stringent tests for straightness, load bearing capacity, vacuum – partial or full in localized area too. Packing as per the process requirement are fitted before dispatching the column. Column can be fabricated in two or more section and assembled at site along with Access Monkey Cage ladder, Chequered Plate Platforms, Railings and access Manholes, Weather cocks, Lightning arrestor assembly etc.





Storage Tank